Ayala Bar

Ayala Bar

Ayala Bar - Israeli Jewelry Designs


AYALA BAR was born and presently resides in Israel. Since graduating art school, she has worked in many artistic areas from theater to interior design. In the late 1980s, she surfaced as a prominent Israeli jeweler. Her current designs blend natural elements and glass with assorted metals and fabrics to create a rich mosaic, resulting in intricate, limited-edition pieces.

Wherever Ayala Bar goes, her surroundings inspire her. For this creative artist, the universe is indeed in the details. Insights and ideas are collected from sights that, to the average person, may seem mundane.

Ayala's creations draw on over 25 years of experience as a costume jeweler. Today, Ayala is a mature designer, cognizant of the trends in the fashion world but always true to her inner vision. This precious integrity creates the radiance that is Ayala's own signature.

Ayala produces two collections a year in the Spring and Fall that are complimentary to current fashion trends and seasonal colors.