Sassy & Blue Children's Clothing



“Comfortable and fun styles as special and unique as she is."

Sassy & Blue offers you a unique, creative line of hand crafted clothing and gifts for infants, toddlers and girls.

Designed for comfort and fun, each creation is “one-of-a-kind”. No two pieces are the same!

From onesie dresses to infant blankets, hats, jackets, girls dresses, coats and totes for Moms, Sassy & Blue aims to delight!

Girls of all ages are inspired to twirl, prance, and dance while feeling free, special and empowered.

Creations are made from healthy fabrics. 100% cotton and wool are primary choices.

Each piece is crafted with care, attention to detail, and love. Designs are ever changing!

And, they are made in Maine. 

Custom orders are always welcome!

A word from designer Ellia Manners:

"I began sewing for my granddaughter who loved dressing up as a toddler. She was captivated by colorful clothing that twirled as she danced! Her unbridled grins and giggles inspired me to reach other girls as well!"


Please Note:  If you are looking for a specific size, color palette and style please call us at Firefly Boutique 207-647-3672 and we can email or text pictures of the merchandise and send it directly to you.  We are also happy to connect you with Ellia so that she can design exactly what you are looking for.  Thank you!  



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